Screams filled the air as 63 African migrants terrorized passengers on a small Italian ferry. For hours the ship was controlled by bandits.
The migrants lounged at the bar all day, slapping the tables and shouting at the bartender. The turmoil bubbled over when the bar closed and the drunk, angry men no longer had a target for their rage. Passengers cowered in fear as leering migrants tore apart the ship and barged into private rooms.
Despite efforts by the crew to restore calm, the situation rapidly degenerated and for hours the ship was at the mercy of the sixty rioters. Calm only returned on board at dawn, just before the ship moored, when the migrants realized that police patrols had been deployed on the Naples harbor docks and were waiting for them,” writes Breitbart.
Imagine. You’re on a small Italian ferry with your family. Perhaps taking a vacation, perhaps traveling for work. Everything is peaceful until suddenly you’re ripped out of bed in the middle of the night by an enraged, screaming lunatic. Now imagine huddling with your family for hours while agitators attempt to destroy everything in sight. Is there anything more terrifying?
Europe is disintegrating. The ceaseless flood of refugees and migrants are warping the continent. Populism is surging and it’s easy to see why. Citizens rights are trampled when governments are forced to divert attention and resources to migrants. Most of the people streaming into the EU illegally are under-educated, ignorant of their host country’s language, and essentially unemployable.

In recent years Italy has been overwhelmed with African migrants
As the problems of Northern Africa and the Middle East spill over into the West, officials scramble to find solutions. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer.
For European leaders,” reports the New York Times, “training the Libyan Coast Guard is in many ways an attempt, against long odds, to shift the answer to Europe’s migration crisis off its shores…The plan is to give money, resources and training to the Libyans to keep the migrants there…”
As pretty as it sounds on paper, the plan is almost useless. Libya is a nightmare. The power vacuum created by Team Obama/Clinton was filled by monsters who are even less competent than Gadaffi was. Libya isn’t a country anymore, it’s a wild-zone being fought over by multiple warring factions.
Conditions in Libya are so awful that any plan to simply dump the migrants back home will likely fail. In Clinton’s arrogance she neglected to think what would happen if Libya was destabilized.
It’s a first step taken with an interim government that doesn’t really control the country, but it’s a first step,” said Natalino Ronzitti, professor emeritus of international law and an adviser at the Institute for International Affairs in Italy.
We need to see whether it complies with human rights and whether Europe will open identification centers for migrants in Libya, or will help Libya do so, but we know little about that at present.”
Libyans, like most migrants, aren’t likely to willingly return home as long conditions are dire and it’s fairly easy to go west. That leaves Europe, and to a lesser extent the U.S, in a very precarious situation. We can’t allow ourselves to be overrun by hordes of violent, desperate men, but neither can we easily send them home.
America has the advantage. Most of the illegals streaming into the U.S come from Mexico, a country stable enough for them to be sent home to. Mexico may be rough, but it’s also one of the most prosperous countries in the world.
Preventing migrants from exiting Libya is a dangerous game. Shuttling people to Europe has become a lucrative business.
The young men who received this training, when they return to their country, will face enormous pressure from criminal gangs and smugglers who have an influx of millions of euros a week,” Malta’s prime minister acknowledged.
So what should be done? It’s unclear. The mayhem that erupted on the Italian ferry, the chaos that’s shaken EU cities across the continent, all demonstrate that it’s not acceptable to simply allow these migrants unfettered access to the West. Many are dangerous, most are impoverished. Most countries, Italy included, can barely handle their own poor.
The best solution seems to be providing aid to the migrants’ home countries and preventing them from leaving in the first place.

In an ideal world, Libya would deal with the refugee crisis on their own
In its report titled ‘Populism and Global Engagement: Europe, North America and Emerging Economies,’ the Pew Center found that Europeans are frightened about the threat posed to national security and the safety of citizens by the waves of mostly Muslim migrants entering their territories,” reporters note.
It’s a terrible situation. Migrants MUST be sent home, but there’s almost no incentive for them to remain home and no government strong enough to keep them there.
In such a contentious climate, President Trump’s travel ban makes a lot of sense.